How to run Windows Phone 7 emulator as standalone emulator



03-19-10ofcmob3 I am sure with all the posts about the Windows Phone 7 emulator many are rearing to try it out for themselves.

Unfortunately you have to install the whole 300 MB development tool set here, and then also run the whole IDE, but RedmondPie has published a solution at least to the last problem.

To learn how to run the whole emulator standalone, read more at RedmondPie here, or if the emulator is installed on your C-Drive simply download the shortcut here.

Remember, to get the unlocked version of the OS you need to download the hacked emulator image, links which can be found here and replace WM70C1.bin at C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\WindowsPhone\v7.0\Emulation\Images\.

Let us know the outcome of your experiments below.

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