Google Chrome 76 is rolling out now, and while it adds a great many features, it also kills one of the internets most hated baddies — Flash. Flash is a security nightmare, an abandoned technology at this point. Despite powring a lot of the web in the past, it’s no longer as ubiquitous. Unfortunately, it has yet to vanish completely from the web. Some sites still use it to display content, and that’s too bad. With Chrome 76, Google blocks Flash content by default, and while you can temporarily enable it in the site-settings, Google will wipe any permissions upon reboot. Instead, here’s a better way to view Flash content with Chrome 75 onwards.

Here’s how to run flash on Chrome 76 onwards

  1. In Chrome 76, open the Settings Menu and navigate to Advanced > Privacy & Security > Site Settings > Flash.
  2. Change the toggle from Block sites from running Chrome (Recommended) to Ask first.
  3. On a website with Flash content, click on the content you want to view. Chrome will now ask if you want to allow or block flash access. Select Allow.

This is but a temporary solution while all your sites transition to the much safer HTML5 standard. By 2020, Chrome will no longer ship with Flash support anyway, and neither will most modern browsers.