Here’s how to enable Advanced Image Search in Chrome for Android

by Surur
November 19, 2019
google lens image search on Android

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Google has enabled advanced image search from your Android browser using Google Lens in the latest stable version of the Chrome browser for Android.

The new option offers advanced image search on Android via Google Lens from the long-press menu in the browser.

google lens image search on Android

The feature is better than the existing “Search Google for Image” option as it uses more advanced AI and allows you to crop and search for only selected items in a picture.

google lens image search on Android

The feature is available in the public version of the browser but needs to enabled via a flag. To activate it:

  1. Open Chrome://flags
  2. Search for “Context Menu Search with Google Lens.”
  3. Toggle the flag from Default to one.

Restart the browser using the included button and the option should now be available.

Unfortunately for some reason, the feature is not available on the desktop yet.

Via XDA-Dev

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