HOTT 7 inch MID runs Windows CE 6.0, costs only $250

Chinese electronics maker HOTT has shown of a new Windows CE 6.0 powered tablet at CES.  The device features a 7 inch screen and 8 hours of battery life for WIFI web browsing, or 3 hours of video, which includes 1080p video decoding and HDMI output.

The 800 Mhz ARM A9 device also features USB Host, which can be used for keyboards, mice and also USB 3G Dongles, also also a consumer Infra-Red transmitter, so with the right software could be used as a universal remote.

The device accepts SD cards, which means internal storage can easily be expanded to 32 GB.

The HOTT M700 will be sold to OEM’s for as little as $120, and should reach end consumers for only $250.

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