Home brew NES emulator for Windows Phone 7 Mango in the works


XDA-Dev member Nudua has been working on a home brew Silverlight NES emulator for Windows Phone 7, and has now released the XAP for developer-unlocked devices.

He has managed to get close to 30 fps on real devices but the software is not fully ready yet.

The app still lacks:

  • Does not run at full speed, but getting near, results may vary on different devices.
  • The virtual controller still needs some work
  • Sound has been disabled for now, due to speed issue.
  • Things like savestates are not done yet, but it does work well with the Mango multitasking.
  • Other random bugs may occur.

Of note is that the software will only work for Mango devices, which at present can only be officially developer unlocked at the moment. However in the future we hope via ChevromWP7labs devices could be unlocked cheaply and easily, making such home brew software more viable.

If you fit the profile the XAP can be downloaded in this XDA-Dev thread here.

Thanks RyoTGZ for the tip.