HoloLens used to plan robotic prostate surgery (video)


2, 2017

Japanese surgeon Dr. Maki Sugimoto is making a name for himself in the field of applying mixed reality to patient care, and in his latest video he shows how his team uses the HoloLens while performing a robotic prostatectomy for prostatic cancer.

In the video he uses the headset to visualize patient-specific 3D anatomical models to aid him in safely removing the tumour.

The surgery using the headset was performed in Early December 2016 and Dr. Sugimoto notes it is the first of its kind.

Dr. Sugimoto has also developed a patient-based educational simulation system using HoloLens for minimally invasive surgery which help ensure patients are full informed of a procedure they are about to undergo.

The work is part of Dr. Sugimoto’s HoloEyes initiative, which includes a variety of other mixed reality applications.

The video of the surgery can be seen below.

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