Hogwarts Legacy will include trans-inclusive character creation

March 2, 2021
Hogwarts Legacy J.K Rowling Harry Potter

The Harry Potter RPG Hogwarts Legacy will include a freeform character creator that will be inclusive to trans players. 

Revealed in a Bloomberg report, Hogwarts Legacy will seperate character appearance, voice and pronouns from each other to create a Witch or Wizard properly reflects the player.

The report states that players will be asked to create a character based on what areas of their virtual character reflect themselves. Players can match a masculine-coded body with a feminine-coded voice and select their pronouns as they wish.

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The news comes after repeated upset at Harry Potter author J.K Rowling’s continued output of transphobic content.

While Rowling was announced as being distanced from the project following the author’s controversy, it was recently discovered that the game’s lead designer Troy Leavitt was a far-right YouTuber who had created a collection of anti-feminist content. Publisher Warner Bros has yet to discuss this matter.

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