It would appear that not every human is another player in Fallout 76, contrary to Todd Howard’s speech at E3 2018.

After discovering a secret developer room within the MMO FPS game, fans of Fallout 76 have found the game’s only NPC. Named Wooby, 76’s only homo sapien NPC doesn’t do much – his corpse does house a healthy 100 caps though. In fact, his only purpose in life might be as a living bullseye.

Wooby is far from the only interesting thing hidden within 76’s dev room. Much like the Fallout 4 equivalent, every item in the game is available to play within this room. It’s a bit of a problem for an online game such as 76, but it’s still a fun location to discover.

What’s more interesting is that a box named “All Scrap” contains numerous unreleased items inside it. Included in its contents are three forms of power armor paints: Winterized, Military and Atom Cats.

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Of course, Bethesda is aware of some users taking advantage of the room and is probably working on a fix right this moment. However, before that happens, some users will be making a hefty chunk of change by selling the items through the use of mule accounts.

Source: Eurogamer