Here’s why Microsoft’s ? emoji doesn’t smile

August 25, 2015


If you’re a person who uses a lot of emojis, you probably noticed that the Windows poop emoji (💩) doesn’t have a face – and, it doesn’t smile. For those wondering, the Unicode Standards doesn’t decide how a character like the poop emoji should look like on a computer – it’s up to companies like Microsoft to decide how the emoji/characters should look like.

So why does the poop emoji doesn’t smile on Windows? Microsoft’s Jacob Rossi, an engineer of Windows 10’s Edge browser tweeted a screenshot of an internal bug report which revealed why the company’s poop emoji doesn’t smile:

Apparently, Unicode’s poop emoji is known as “a pile of feces,” while Apple’s smiling poop emoji (?) is known as the “lucky golden poo”. Microsoft decided to go with “a pile of feces,” following the Unicode standards.

I, personally, don’t mind if a poop emoji doesn’t smile. I mean, who gives a 💩, right?

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