Here’s what’s fixed and what’s broken in the HP Elite x3s newest firmware update

HP’s Elite x3 received a minor firmware update earlier this week, updating the phone up to version  0002.0000.0023.0113.

While there wasn’t initially a changelog available on release date, there’s now one floating around(via Neowin) detailing the bug fixes and known issues in this update.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Camera: Auto focus tuning updated.
  • Camera:Face detection tuning updated.
  • Carriers: APN updated Turkish, Vodafone, EE, Spark, China Telecom, Spark, Orange France.
  • Performance Times for application launch are improved.
  • Laggy video playback on wired connection with laptop dock is fixed.
  • Stability :Device reboots repeatedly when reaching lock screen on boot up is fixed. Issue observed more frequently when “Hey Cortana” is enabled.
  • Stability Device reboots repeatedly on phone factory reset is fixed.
  • System: HP G2 USB-C dock firmware update is supported.
  • USB: Mouse insert causes phone to enter charging mode is fixed.

There are a few known issues as well (albeit ones which *should be obvious* but which HP feels the need to detail for some reason;

  • Apps: Skype for Business app cannot be launched from Continuum external display.
  • Connectivity: LAN port of HP desk dock does not have UI configurations.
  • Security: Too many failed unlock attempts, the device will be locked for security reasons. User can unlock the device at

You can snag the update by hedding into Settings > Security > Phone Update, although the rollout might be limited by your region and carrier (in some cases).