Here’s how to dismiss the Windows 10 volume pop-up

by Atiya
July 15, 2019

After volume adjustment, the Windows volume dialogue has gained a reputation for “overstaying its welcome.”

Having a not-so-small block obstructing your view is certainly an annoyance; especially when watching YouTube videos, for example.

Albacore has deduced how to instantly dismiss the pop-up, so you no longer have to wait seconds until it disappears by itself.

Standard Windows 10 Users

Simply click on, or around, Chrome.exe.

Chromium-based Microsoft Edge and Spotify

Click on the artist photo or name.

Disabling the media controls overlay in Chrome from the flags menu:

  • Open Chrome://flags.
  • Search ‘Hardware Media Key Handling’.
  • Click the drop-down menu and switch it to disabled.
  • Restart the browser.

For chromium-based browsers, find out how to disable the overlay here.

Source and screenshots: Windowslatest

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