Here’s how to fullscreen UWP apps in Windows 10

Full-screening the modern Windows 10 apps, also known as Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps, can be a bit puzzling. While the F11 shortcut works in a lot of classic Win32 apps, it doesn’t work on the modern UWP apps. That’s because Windows 10 includes a separate shortcut that lets you full-screen almost all UWP apps in Windows 10. The shortcut isn’t easily discoverable, and unless you are a shortcut-ninja, you probably don’t know about its existence.

So here’s the big reveal: you can easily full screen almost any UWP apps in Windows 10 just by hitting `Shift + Win + Enter` after focusing a UWP app. The shortcut should work with most UWP apps in Windows 10, but it may not work if an app doesn’t allow the window to be maximized in the first place.

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