Here’s the 5000 Euro Windows 10 coffee table you have been waiting for

by Surur
July 4, 2016

La Table

Microsoft is rumoured to be working on a Surface ALL in One for the lounge, but it seems Italian company Kineti has got them beat with their multi-touch coffee table, the La Table.

The Windows 10 table has an unbreakable 42 inch Full HD  surface, is waterproof, and features 12 point multi-touch.

It works as well as any regular coffee table, but features special software which lets you share content to and from your tablet or TV using simple gestures.  It will also allow you to control your home automation accessories.

The table is powered by a new Intel Core i5 processor, the 8 gigabytes of DDR3 memory, a 120-gigabyte SSD and a single USB 3.0 port.

Considering the craftsmanship the table costs a reasonable 4997 euros, and will more likely find a home in a corporate office rather than a family residence.  Interestingly the device is less than half the price of its nearest competitor, the Kapsch Interactive 40, which costs 12,000 euros.

See a video demo of the device below.

YouTube player

Read more about the product at Kineti here.

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