The Tesla Cybertruck does not have side mirrors, with Elon Musk likely betting on laws in USA changing by the time the truck launches in around two years.

These would presumably be replaced by the side view cameras present on all Tesla vehicles, used for self-driving and other purposes.

The prototype Elon Musk showed off however did not appear to sport the cameras protrusions, but Vincent on Twitter managed to track them down, hidden neatly in the fender flares:

Zooming out, this is where they would show up.

The Cybertruck already replaces the rearview mirror with a camera and screen, with visibility out the rear window of course nil when the bed cover is up.

The side-view screens will likely occupy the space in the A-pillars in the doors.

As mentioned earlier, the law currently requires side mirrors, but this would not be the first time Elon Musk bet on the future, and hopefully, his bet will once again pay off.

Via Insideevs