Detailed restrictions on 512MB Windows 10 Phones leak



Windows 10

Microsoft has already announced that Windows 10 Mobile will come to all Windows Phone 8 devices that are available in the market right now. But what about the performance on the low-end devices like Lumia 520? A leaked internal document has revealed the scenarios in which 512mb Windows 10 phones will not have the same experience as the other 1GB devices. Read the full list below. Some cases are acceptable like the HDR imaging resolutions. But some cases like VoIP and multi-tasking will result in poor experience for the users. One good news is that Microsoft has no plans to sell a 512MB device in the future, as you all know even the Lumia 430 now comes with 1GB RAM. Only the old WP8 devices will face these limitations. So, try to avoid buying a new 512MB Windows Phone 8 device now.

What do you think of these limitations for 512MB devices?

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