Health insurance company Humana announces multiyear strategic partnership with Microsoft

Humana is one of the largest health insurance provider in the US. Humana today announced a seven-year partnership with Microsoft to build predictive solutions and intelligent automation. As part of this partnership, Azure will become the preferred cloud provider for Humana. Humana will also take advantage of the power of Azure AI, Microsoft 365 and interoperability standards like FHIR.

Highlights of this partnership:

  • Humana will empower doctors to deliver personalized, proactive health care by providing a holistic view of their patients, ensuring preventive care, keeping up with medication schedules and refills, and offering perspective on social barriers to health, such as food insecurity, loneliness and social isolation.  In addition, Humana will leverage Microsoft technologies for health care-tuned natural language understanding and speech recognition to improve administrative and clinical workflows to make health care easier for members and clinician partners.
  • Humana will leverage Microsoft Azure and Azure AI to develop on-demand and virtual medical services. In addition, Humana will deliver a more integrated health care experience across all touchpoints with Azure AI and voice capabilities to personalize patient care.

“With an estimated 10,000 people joining the Medicare system daily, we have a tremendous opportunity to address the growing demands on the health care system by improving health outcomes and lowering costs,” said Greg Moore, M.D., Ph.D., corporate vice president of Health Technology and Alliances at Microsoft. “We’re excited to combine Humana’s industry expertise with Microsoft’s Azure cloud, Azure AI and voice capabilities to remove barriers, promote health care data interoperability, and create solutions to ensure this growing population gets the right preventative, acute and long-term care for the best health outcomes.”

Microsoft and Humana have also committed to a multiyear R&D investment that include direct funding, dedicated R&D teams and specific co-developed projects to build new insights and advance Humana’s focus on value-based care.

Source: Microsoft