Before the feature was officially offered, Android users still found ways- albeit complicated– to keep hold of their favourite HBO series.  Prior to now, users required an active internet connection to access media.  While it mildly inconvenienced some, i.e. not being able to watch series on the plane; it also excluded those with low data allowances.

Thankfully, HBO has now introduced “offline mode” for Android users.  The feature allows users to download up to 25 titles at a time- though, not every title is included.

Aside from a limited range, another setback is that the downloads expire once viewed- after only two days.  But like with any new feature, fallbacks only leave room for future updates to look forward to.  So here’s how to make the most of “offline mode”:

  • On the Android HBO app, browse the selection of titles until you find one with a download arrow icon.  This is located next to each title and below the poster of each movie.
  • Click on the icon to initiate the download.  The progress of the download will then be displayed by percentage.
  • Navigate to the Downloads tab at the bottom of the screen.  This is where all of your downloaded series and movies will be displayed, along with the accompanying duration and file size.
  • To delete the item (which you’ll need to do once you hit the 25 mark), locate the Edit button under the upper right ellipsis menu.
  • To view how many downloads you have, choose the Info button under the same menu.
  • For those with limited data, you can enable downloads only through WiFi under the Options button.

Android users with version 3.7.0 can download the HBO app from the Google Play Store.  Happy viewing!

Source: one-tech