The Haworth Xbox gaming chair comes in 2 versions and it will let you play for hours without back pains

August 2, 2023
haworth xbox gaming chair

The Haworth Xbox gaming chair is out now, and it comes in two versions. This is part of a collaboration between Haworth, the company responsible for designing and manufacturing tables, chairs, movable walls, and so on, and Xbox, the Microsoft console-company. The result is the Haworth Xbox gaming chair which promises to treat your back with utter care for prolonged gaming sessions.

We’re excited to bring Xbox premium seating to fans – not only is it ergonomically and aesthetically awesome, but it’s accessible for players of any kind, designed to support them through work and play.

As we mentioned earlier, the Haworth Xbox gaming chair comes in two versions: the Xbox Fern Gaming Chair and the Xbox Very Gaming Chair.

  • The Xbox Fern Gaming Chair – Fern challenges the idea that a chair is just furniture. Informed by years of research, it’s designed to respond to movement with comfort that feels like you’re floating. A patented three-part back system moves dynamically, delivering support exactly where you need it and when.
  • The Xbox Very Gaming Chair – Very gives ergonomics a modern name. Its rectangular profile enhances any gaming setup with a fresh look and smart attitude. Sit for hours with less fatigue thanks to asymmetrical lumbar support that lets you fine-tune your comfort independently on each side.

Both chairs have the forward tilt option, plus a back lock, tilt tension, and 4D arms. These features will lower the pressure on your back and spine while you sit, and it can be life-saving in the long run.

Will you purchase them? Let us know in the comments section below.

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