Are you a fan of taxidermy? Are you a fan of PC hardware? Well, for your sake, let’s hope you’re a fan of both.

Spotted by PC Gamer, a company called Realbug has really crossed the line by forging PC hardware from the depths of hell! Instead of focusing on something useful or innovative, they’ve instead decided to freak me out and make me cry.

For just $23.83 on Amazon, Realbug sells a cheap PC mouse with a simple twist: they’ve shoved a real dead spider in the damn thing! Look at it! LOOK AT IT’S LEGS! One of them is peeking through the resin – yuck!

The Realbug website sells even more creepy crawlies shoved inside of a bad mouse. There’s a black Scorpion, a butterfly, starfish, a green chafer beetle and, by far the worst: a disgusting centipede. I hate everything about this.

Are you into this niche area of tech? Or are you terrified like I am? Whatever your stance on this, tell us in the comments below.