‘We Happy Few’ to launch via the Xbox One Preview program on July 26

June 15, 2016


‘We Happy Few’, a game that takes place in an alternate history in which the allies lost World War II, forcing the English Powers That Be to appease their glum population with a happy drug aptly called Joy, will be launching via the Xbox One Preview program next month July 26th. The game takes place in the fictional setting of Wellington Wells, where players must acclimatize to their surroundings, slap on a smile, or risk being beaten to a bloody pulp by the town’s deranged inhabitants.

The game is described as:

“a dystopian, mod 1964 England that lost World War II, the citizens of Wellington Wells are taking a happy drug called “Joy”, and living in denial over their grim existence and a terrible past. Can you survive among them once you stop taking your Joy and become a ‘Downer’?”

The title is expected to be officially released on the Xbox One this summer via Compulsion Games. Check out the trailer below.

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