Handyscan for Windows Phone 7–Your Personal Document Scanner



Author Pradeep // in Apps


Handyscan is your personal document scanner. With it you will be able to use the device’s camera to scan (picture) physical documents and send them to your inbox or to any email recipient, either in JPG or PDF format. You can scan multiple pages per document, you can also align/rotate the resulted scan or crop it if needed. Handyscan has also a ‘typewriter’ feature which allows you to type text into scanned documents or forms. Traditional scanners are usually big, tough and hard to use; now with Windows Phone 7 you can take advantage of its high resolution camera in conjunction with handyscan to scan easily, quickly and effectively.

Key features

  • Scan any type of physical document
  • Zoom in/zoom out capable
  • Align and crop scanned document
  • Add text to document. You can fill forms if you got no pen!
  • Scan multiple pages per document and save as a single file
  • Send scanned document via email, either in JPG or PDF format
  • Choose size and quality for sent documents

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