A quick look at Windows 10 Mobile’s Nearby Numbers feature (video)


We posted earlier this year about a Windows Mobile yellow pages feature coming in, and one of our readers earlier got access to the app upon installation of the new Windows Mobile technical preview.

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From the brief video, we can see the app is divided into 3 tab: services, hotlines and nearby. Unfortunately, that’s all we can tell. The app is in Chinese for the most part and indecipherable to out western eyes. It appears to be an evolution of local scout, serving up numbers for places “nearby”.

From what we can tell, “services” could possibly refer to places like petrol station and shops, “hotlines” could refer to emergency services and the “nearby” tab just pull a list of numbers to services located near your geographical location.

What do you think of this app? Would it be something you would use? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks for the tip, Ron!

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