Razer is releasing Xbox and PlayStation versions of Hammerhead HyperSpeed earbuds

October 17, 2022

Audio is a vital element of the gaming experience that determines how much you’ll enjoy your game. Xbox recently released its party chat noise suppression feature, but nothing can still beat a dedicated accessory that can eliminate unnecessary sounds within your gaming environment. Enters new versions of Razer’s Hammerhead HyperSpeed wireless earbuds that will be available in November for $149.99. What’s special about them? Aside from the noise-canceling capability (ANC and dual-environmental ENC), Razer designed it in two new versions for Xbox and PlayStation.

Hammerhead HyperSpeed Noise-canceling Wireless Earbuds - Xbox Version
Hammerhead HyperSpeed Noise-canceling Wireless Earbuds – Xbox Version

Hammerhead HyperSpeed Xbox and PlayStation versions will have their respective designs that complement the current themes of the consoles. While the PlayStation version is getting mainly white earbuds and a case with tiny hints of blue accents, the Xbox type will come in sleek black color with green touches. Adding to the already captivating aesthetic of the earbuds is the Chroma RGB lighting in both variants, which is almost a trend now in most gaming accessories we have nowadays.

The earbuds will come with a USB-C audio transmitter and a USB-C-to-A adapter to address the absence of a USB-C port in Series X / S consoles. They can also last for about 30 hours using the maximum charging load of the case and with optimized power management. Razer detailed on its website that the Xbox variant can perform for up to 32.5 hours with both lighting and ANC turned off. Specifically, that is 6.5 hours on earbuds and 26 hours from the case or equivalent to 4 recharges of earbuds. Most of the other specs of the two sets of low-latency earbuds are also the same, including in their mobile device pairing details, such as the 2.4GHz gaming-grade wireless and Bluetooth 5.2 support.

Hammerhead HyperSpeed Noise-canceling Wireless Earbuds - PlayStation Version
Hammerhead HyperSpeed Noise-canceling Wireless Earbuds – PlayStation Version

The only difference between the two versions of the Hammerhead HyperSpeed is their compatibility. Both can connect to PCs, Macs, smartphones, tablets, and handheld gaming devices with Bluetooth audio capability or USB-C / USB-A ports, but the Xbox version offers more versatility in consoles. According to Razer, despite the same price tag, the PlayStation version can only connect to PS5 and PS4 consoles. Meanwhile, in addition to the said devices and consoles mentioned above, the Xbox option can also work with Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One X, and Xbox One S consoles.

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