Logitech advert showcases white Xbox Series X; Microsoft says it still has ‘no plans to release’ it

Microsoft clarified that it still has no plans to produce a white Xbox Series X after fans noticed one in Logitech’s Astro A30 gaming headset commercial. In the advert, the console sits beautifully alongside other products that complement the headset, such as the PS5 and white and pink Blue Yeti microphones.

ASTRO A30 Wireless Headset | RULE THE GAME

Logitech’s new advert highlights a white theme, so using the all-black appearance of the console might make some things a bit off on the camera. With this, it is understandable why the computer peripherals company opted to customize the Xbox Series X in the scene. However, it sparked fans’ curiosity about whether Xbox has a plan to make it available to the public or if the white console is just a bespoke version dedicated to the advert. A Microsoft spokesperson then told video games news site VGC when it reached out that the said console color is not yet being considered by the company.

“The white Xbox Series X console for the promotional video by our partner is not in production,” the spokesperson told VGC. “We have no plans to release the Xbox Series X console in white at this time.”

Meanwhile, Logitech Head of Communications for Gaming David Perez confirmed to The Verge that the white Xbox Series X was just wrapped to give it that white skin look.

Xbox Series X has always been in black color since its release, but fans are still hopeful that a white version will be available in the future. And given the history of its other hardware (Xbox is also now offering Xbox Series X controller, Xbox Elite Series 2 controller, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One S in white versions), this possibility is not far from happening.

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