Have you looked at the gameplay reveal of Microsoft’s upcoming Halo game and gone, “Wow, I wish Halo Infinite PS4 was a thing!” Well, if you have, a talented Dreams player sort of has a thing for you. 

A talented Reddit user by the alias of Disarmed took to Media Molecule’s PlayStation 4 game development tool Dreams to create what some console wars fanboys would consider blasphemous: Halo Infinite PS4.

While the fun development past time is nothing short of impressive – Disarmed has created a lush world for their distinct Master Chief to walk around in – the game doesn’t currently allow you to do much outside of walking.

Check out the small snippet that Disarmed has made below:

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“This is purely for fun, I’m actually really excited for Halo on the Series X,” Disarmed said on the Reddit thread. “I’ve got love from both sides of the battlefield.”

Source: Eurogamer