Hallelujah! Microsoft finally working on Photosynth for Windows Phone


If there was one app which made Windows Phone users feel Microsoft did not really care about their own platform, it would be the Photosynth app, which was of course released to much fanfare on the iPhone last April and which has so far not even come close to Windows Phone, despite Mango, with the required APIs being out for nearly 5 months already.

It seems however something is finally stirring in the Microsoft photo stitching business.  Using some convoluted detective work involving tracing twitter messages which I will not even attempt to recount they managed to get their hands on a number of pictures like above, which shows PhotoSynths created using Windows Phones, including the HTC Radar, Samsung Focus S and HTC HD7. Hopefully this means the app is also not very from being released, and may be a goodie Microsoft is saving for MWC 2012.

Maybe Microsoft cares after all…

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