Hackers working on a custom Mobile Shell for Windows 10 on ARM Lumia 950 XL


19, 2019

The progress of the Lumia 950 XL Windows on ARM project has been nothing short of amazing, but in the end, you are still running a desktop OS on a 6-inch screen.

Like the other numerous obstacles the team has so far overcome, someone is already working on a solution.

Developer ADeltaX has started work on a custom “Mobile Shell” which is more suited to the small screen.

The work, which is in an early stage, will be hosted on Github here, and will likely be based largely on Windows 10 Mobile.

The work does make one wonder if the future of Windows Phone would have been different if it was just Windows 10 on a smaller screen, and whether any small OEMs would be interested in releasing a phone-shaped device running Windows 10 on ARM in the future.

A Step by Step guide to installing Windows 10 on ARM on a Lumia 950 XL has just been published, if you wish to join the fun. See more resources here.

Via Florian B

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