Hack-less Dark Mode now available to all with Chrome 74

by Surur
April 27, 2019

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Google has been working on a native Dark Mode for Google Chrome for more than half a year now, and today, with the release of Chrome 74.0.3729.108, the feature is finally available to all.

Google has started testing the feature for some users with Chrome 73, but with Chrome 74 you merely need to have Dark Mode enabled on your PC (Settings > Personalisation > Choose Default App Mode > Dark ) to have the Chrome browser also turn dark.

While it was always possible to have a dark theme on Chrome, the Dark Mode also turns the settings, menus, new tab page and other chrome on the browser dark.

Microsoft is of course also expected to support Dark Mode in their own new Chromium-based Edge browser, but as of now, Google’s Chrome browser supports the Windows theme system somewhat better than Microsoft’s latest browser.

To make sure you have the latest version of Chrome, visit chrome://settings/help.

Via HTNovo

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