Guide for hacking wireless charging into the Nokia Lumia 925 posted

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It seems space and weight constraints were not the reason the Nokia Lumia 925 does not have wireless charging built-in.

Frenchman casinick has posted a guide on how to remove the wireless charging coil from a Nokia Lumia 925 wireless charging cell and to place it internally in your Nokia Lumia 925.

He promises that you do not need to be an electronics expert to do this, just a handyman, and that it only adds 4g to the weight of the device.

He has also tested the solution for 2 weeks and reports no issues, including no overheating. He does however warn the hack will void your warranty, and that he does not take responsibility for any issues or loss caused.

See the step by step instructions in this PDF here.

See a translation of the French instructions after the break.


Before anything else I remember that it is your responsibility to make this change and neither I nor anyone else, can not be held responsible
any damage to your device.

This procedure will void the warranty are in good conscious!

Materials needed:

  • A Lumia 925.
  • A shell of wireless charging for Lumia 925.
  • Small suction cup.
  • A small tool to "unclip" the plastic itself.
  • Dremel if possible.
  • A little patience I think that the following tutorial you can do it in 30 minutes. No need to be engineer, just a little handyman, there’s really nothing complicated!

————————————————– ————————————————-

1. Start off your phone.
2. Return your phone and then using a small vacuum to blow the corner  top-left of the phone (it comes very easily):
3. Using a small tool blue plastic unclip the entire contour of the phone. At this point you end up with your phone in two parts so far nothing much complicated!
4. Now we will address the changes to the hull including charging by induction

We’ll have to start off the adhesive protection on the hull, access induction.
Once the adhesive protection peeled, you’ll see a second shield metallic color that will also have to take off properly, because we reuse later.
Finally you can access the electronic part of the induction. For now only the not peel.
5. The goal is to be able to grind the plastic part with 3 contacts in order to obtain only three flat contacts. Personally I used a Dremel to get this:
Do not try to pull the plastic part because you arracheriez tracks electronic and you will not have to buy a shell (it was my first attempt …)
6. Now that the induction part is ready to be inserted into the phone, you will be able to take off it very gently slopes are fragile!
You then get this: (Ignore the torn part, it was my first try …)
7. Now take the back cover before you unclip your phone. You will see a web that drops down. It will have to take off delicately. This sheet has on his back 3 studs who come to ull contact inductive charge.
8. So you have to insert the electronic part of the induction it come to touch on these three blocks. Take care to align the whole, it is very important not there was a short circuit:
I suggest you add a little piece of tape story that does not move not.
For aesthetic issue I will also advised to insert a small A white piece of paper between the shell and electronics just to see white through three small holes behind rather than the orange …
9. It remains now is to add protection metallic color you took off earlier. (I think it is a protection against the interference):
Small change to make I have not had the opportunity to make a new image, must make a small cut to leave visible black part of induction. Indeed, basic, the gray cover does not come as part electronics and once closed was observed a slight thickening …
10. This is the final step, it’ll just close all starting with the bottom, nothing fancy though. Once closed we see nothing, no thickness, it is very clean. After more than two weeks of use I can ensure that it is reliable, no overheating during recharging I am very satisfied with the result farewell shell accessory!

After more than two weeks of use I can tell you that this hack hold up!

Thank you to everyone who followed my tutorial my nickname is "casinick" do not hesitate to contact me contact if you have questions.
This document was produced by "casinick" that you can find on Smartphone France:

The document was originally published on the site Smartphone France:
In this regard so we thank in advance all those who will take this document clearly mention in their articles the true origin of it.

Via, thanks Gael for the tip.