Ready for a surprise? Brace yourself: GTA V on Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass subscribers are now able to download Grand Theft Auto 5 as Rockstar’s highly popular open-world game has been added to the subscription service.

Rockstar Games’ 2013 billion-dollar-plus video game is only available on the console version of Microsoft’s subscription, but it’s still am awesome opportunity for Xbox gamers who are yet to play the game.

Announced through the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account, Xbox surprisingly dropped the news. Fans are understandably impressed:

“Game Pass is nuts,” one user said. “R* on Game Pass???? I love you guys so much! PLEASE bring more of their titles to the library!” said another.

While, for many, it isn’t a groundbreaking moment to see a seven-year-old game on a subscription service, GTA V on Xbox One is still a surprise. With the title still bringing in heaps of money – especially after the introduction of an in-game casino – the title still tops sales charts for new physical copies sold every week.

Grand Theft Auto 5’s online mode, known as GTA V, is still getting substantial updates, and new radio stations! While publisher 2K is most assuredly making mad bank from microtransactions, there is always new free content for players to delve into.

All in all, GTA V on Xbox Game Pass is still a huge surprise.