You read that headline right: the European Ratings Board PEGI have officially rated both the original GTA and its sequel, GTA 2, for release on the last-generation PlayStation 3.

In a bizarre move, both of these more than twenty-year-old games have been fully rated according to the content found in each individual entry.

Grand Theft Auto 2 has been rated an 18 whereas the original game has been granted a tamer age rating of just 16. Oh, how far we’ve come since 1997.

The PEGI description explains only the first game’s content.

“2D top down view free roam action game. Gameplay is based around being a criminal and includes stealing cars, shooting other gangsters, shooting pedestrians, driving over people and fighting off the…” the description says.

Both of these titles are labelled as releasing today, although there’s been no official word from Rockstar or PlayStation regarding this.

As an entry to PlayStation 3’s PlayStation Classics line, the addition of GTA and GTA 2 does seem quite a few years late to the party. However, with PlayStation’s push for their video game streaming service PlayStation Now – and the fact that PlayStation 4 doesn’t support PlayStation Classic emulation – maybe this upcoming re-release is just a confusing way of adding the classic games to Sony’s service.