Sony’s PlayStation Classic should have been a remarkably Christmas gift this year, but instead, it’s only brought disappointment.

With poor emulation, PAL versions of games instead of NTSC and a lacking selection of games, it’s just as well that the console is easily exploitable. While that isn’t exactly the greatest, how does releasing a console that doesn’t play its own games as well as its main competitor sound?

YouTuber 8 Bit Flashback discovered that his softmodded SNES Classic can run PSOne games better than Sony’s PlayStation Classic. Tested through the use of the PS Classic’s best racing game, Ridge Racer Type 4, the SNES Classic runs a lot smoother than Sony’s hardware.

The SNES Classic isn’t exactly the most powerful system available today and it does see some noticeable issues with Tekken 3’s sound. It’s not perfect, but then neither is the PlayStation Classic.

Source: Nintendo Life