GRemote – turn you HTC Diamond/Pro into a free-air mouse for your PC

GRemote is software by marballon which turns your HTC Touch Diamond or Pro into a free-air mouse like the Logitech MX Air. It uses a client that runs on your smartphone and a server which runs on your PC (both Windows and Linux).

It includes both right and left click buttons and a scroll wheel, and to prevent accidental movements only transmits movement when you touch the screen.

The software is ideally suited for users who have a Media Center PC connected to a big screen, removing the necessity for a separate mouse. It will become even more useful when the author includes support for transmitting text input via the keyboard on the smartphone, and also specific application support using applets, such as for WinAmp. All these and more are in the author’s development roadmap.

See this video below to see the app in action, and more about the application and download it in this XDA-Developers thread.