Greed City – The real life Monopoly game gets another big update


2, 2013

We have introduced some new social features to Greed City in ver 1.1.7 along with other exciting changes.

Since its launch in March, Greed City has managed to get a loyal following of players and many requests for new features. We have been listening and constantly rolling out server side changes and today we rolling out another game update with the following key features:

  • Overall performance improvements increase the responsiveness as well as using less bandwidth
  • The news feed has been completely redesigned to show players items that are more relevant to them and highlight some of the new businesses that have opened up around them.
  • Players are now able to communicate with each other by commenting on news items and updates. This really adds to the social aspects of Greed City with players being able to forge alliances as well as voicing their opinions when a business has been bought or upgraded.
  • Notification center lets you know when someone comments on one of your items, or replies to a thread you have commented on.
  • You can now sort your empire by the business Level, it also shows the remaining purchase freeze time for each business.
  • New business categories have been added to cover all business types like stadiums, landmarks, bars and nightclubs.
  • We have also lowered the number of check-ins required to earn a diamond to just 200.

With even more features promised in the next few weeks, there is no better time than now to jump into Greed City and stake your claim. Greed City is a FREE game exclusive to WP8 and can be downloaded at the following link Greed City.

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