Great News: Microsoft Kinect Powered Stroke Rehabilitation System Gets FDA 510(k) Clearance

Kinect stroke rehabilitation

When Microsoft revealed Kinect for the first time, we knew that the possibilities with this system will be endless. Kinect is now being used in various types of setup everyday across the world from military purposes, hospitals to gaming consoles. Today is a milestone in Kinect’s journey in Healthcare world. Jintronix, which developed a Microsoft Kinect based Stroke rehab system has received 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This marks an important milestone for Jintronix as well.

 “We’re very excited about receiving FDA clearance, which paves the way for Jintronix to help in the rehabilitation of countless stroke victims,” said CEO Shawn Errunza.

Jintronix tackles all of the issues of Stroke patients by providing patients with fun, “gamified” exercises that accelerate recovery and increase adherence. In addition, Jintronix gives patients immediate feedback, which ensures that they perform their movements correctly. This is critical when the patient is exercising at home.

A stroke can be a devastating experience, leaving the patient with serious physical impairments and beset by concerns for the future. Today, that future is much brighter, as stroke rehabilitation has made enormous strides. Now, Jintronix offers a significant advance to help stroke patients restore their physical functions: an affordable motion-capture system for physical rehabilitation that uses Microsoft Kinect for Windows.

Read about their system in detail here.