Graveyard Keeper joins Xbox Game Pass

Have you ever been playing Stardew Valley and imagined how fun it would be if it were a graveyard simulator instead of a farming sim? Well your question has been answered with Graveyard Keeper. Described as a “medieval cemetery management sim,” it released today for Xbox One. In a bit of a surprise announcement, Larry Hryb also confirmed that it’s now on Xbox Game Pass as well.

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Our review will be out at another date, but I’ve been playing it the past few days and can say it’s a lot fun. After you character is killed in a car accident, you wake up in an unknown world where you’re tasked with the upkeep of the local cemetery. Want to bury dead bodies while being berated by a talking skull? You can do that!

If you don’t own Xbox Game Pass, Graveyard Keeper will set you back $19.99 on the Microsoft Store.