Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy’s physical editions have been delayed

December 1, 2021
Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy Rockstar

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After releasing in a technically flawed state and even disappearing on PC for a while, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition has been delayed.

Since the game is already out, this delay is only affecting physical boxed copies of the game, which were originally planned to be delivered only shortly after the launch of the game on December 7th. 

As a result of this latest delay, the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 copies of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition will now launch on December 17th. The Nintendo Switch physical edition has been delayed even further until some point in “early 2022.” 

In the tweet announcing the delays, Rockstar didn’t explain exactly why the boxed editions of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition have been delayed, but it most likely has something to do with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which is ramping up once again thanks to the new variant spreading around. 

This physical delay wouldn’t be the first one that we’ve seen due to shipping constraints, and we imagine it is far from the last. Most recently we’ve seen Beyond a Steel Sky be hit with some very confusing delays across different regions due to shipping constraints, though it hardly takes the cake as the most interesting delay this year.

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