GPS Speedometer Now At V1.1


2, 2010


When driving in the streets of the US or even the UK you have to keep your speed under watch, well this new application can help with that. This application created by one XDA member is quite old but recently received an update. The application is very simply something that take your GPS data, and translate it into your speed, which if you are me… you might not really care to look at, but with this, my HD2’s big screen, and a car kit. I have no reason to not stay below speed limit.

The update includes:

Changes in v1.1:
* Big digital display
* Analog display
* Speed alert
* Send SMS alerts
* 2 Trip meters
* Configurable speed timer
* Kph/Mph unit configuration
* Lat and Long information

Now this application is not the best looking, but I have a few tips for the developer or anyone that makes application. I would really love to have a GPS speedometer that works like the Lexus LFA’s gauge works. Have the middle go up, and when it hits the top and is going down, it leaves a mark of your top speed and keeps going down and then when you pass the next top speed, it marks. Watch this video to see my point. If that can be done, I would pay for it, and make sure it looks as beautiful as the image below.image

You can download this application here

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