Gorgeous 5 minute Samsung Galaxy Fold video makes a good case for splashing out $2000


24, 2019

Samsung has posted a promotional video for the Samsung Galaxy Fold which gives us our best look at the handset yet, allowing us for example to finally see the real turn radius (above) and also the rather odd narrowness of the handset when folded.

That is not to say the video has done anything to turn us off from lusting after the device. It shows off capabilities that have earlier not been confirmed, such as support for Dex, and shows a number of practical uses of the tablet inside.

It also shows off the triple-lens camera to very good effect, which appears to feature the same ultra-wide, normal and telephoto lens as the Samsung Galaxy S10.

See the (strangely silent) video below:

YouTube player

See all the official specs here.

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Via Max.J

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