Google’s Reply app adds smart replies to Skype, GroupMe and other messaging apps

February 22, 2018

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Google released a new messaging app extension this week with Reply, a smart reply generator for Android messaging apps.

Reply works with apps like Microsoft’s Skype and automatically generates replies for you, much like Google already does with its Allo app.

The smart assistant will, once fully enabled be able to do things like read your calendar and suggest replies based on events, or even automatically reply if you’re busy. As it stands now, it is less capable in beta form, and doesn’t have as much personalisation.

Much of its responses are in the affirmative, so if someone says “Do you want to come out?” for instance, Smart Reply will suggest “Yes”,”Where” or “What time”, misanthropic tendencies be damned.

It is worth noting that Skype already has Cortana built in for Smart replies, but if you’re outside one of the few countries that support Cortana, Google’s solution would simply be more feasible for you as a matter of practicality.

Reply will also work with other messaging apps including Teams, GroupMe and Microsoft’s SMS Organizer app for Android upon release..

Google’s reply app isn’t yet available in the Play Store, but interested users can download and sideload the APK from APKmirror.

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