Google will use its own chip in upcoming Pixel 6 smartphones



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Drawing inspiration from both Apple and Samsung, Google is now making its own chip called “GS101” Whitechapel for its upcoming Pixel phones that are set to launch this fall. 9to5google has learned that South Korean chipmaker Samsung is lending Google a helping hand in developing the chip.

Codenamed “Slider”, the Whitechapel will also power future Chromebooks alongside Pixel phones, but it’s unlikely that we’ll see Google launching a Chromebook with its own chip this year. Instead, all the Pixel phones that are coming this fall use the Whitechapel chip. In other words, Google’s upcoming Pixel 6 phones — codenamed “Raven” and “Oriole” — will be based on the new “GS101” Whitechapel platform.

If the report is true, this will be the first time Google will be using its own processor for its Pixel devices. While it’s not clear whether the company will completely end its reliance on Qualcomm for ARM chips, the fact that the company is putting a lot of effort into the Whitechapel hardware platform could mean that Google wants to be self-reliant when it comes to chip manufacturing.

Unfortunately, apart from the chip, information related to the Pixel 6 hasn’t surfaced online yet, meaning we’re still in the dark about key details such as camera, design, and, of course, the release date. But as we move closer to this year’s fall, we’ll get to know more about the Pixel 6 smartphone.

Meanwhile, Google is all set to launch the Pixel 5a smartphone on June 11. The company is also expected to release a second-generation Pixel Buds this month.

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