Google’s next Pixel phone might get better for international travellers

February 9, 2019

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Pixel devices, much like iPhones, have always catered towards western sensibilities. This means a focus on large screens, high resolution, good cameras and so on. The 2019 Pixel family may be about to change that and incorporate a feature beloved by international travellers and people in Asian regions.

As per XDA Developers, Google has made a series of code commits to Android Q, incorporating support for Dual Sim devices. In one such commit, a Googler states that the “2019 Pixel [..] will have dual SIM functionality.”

This move would not be out of character for Google, who has made overtures to capturing EMEA markets. The firm is slated to launch lite variants of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 Lite which would provide much of the features of the higher priced brethren but at a more affordable price range.

The Pixel 4 line of devices is expected to be released later this fall, as per usual. Whether Google will accompany this launch with updates to its Chrome OS and Home devices is as yet unknown.

Via XDA Developers

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