Google’s latest audacious growth hack – Sending Google Meet links along with Zoom invites

by Surur
August 3, 2020

The sudden prominence and importance of video calls have resulted in companies having to push their video conferencing solutions quite aggressively so as not be left behind by Zoom, the de facto king.

Slack has, of course, accused Microsoft of unfair competition, but Zoom may want to keep an eye on Google, a company not known to be shy from abusing their monopolies, as the EU has confirmed on a number of occasions.

It appears that Google is sending along Google Meet invites if you use Gmail to send a Zoom invite, as can be seen in the email below:

In this case, the Zoom invitation was sent via the Windows 10 Mail client on a Google email account, with Google modifying the email in transit to add a confusing Google Meet meeting to the Invite. The modified Invite will only be apparent on the receiving end, likely leaving the host confused when half the attendees show up on Google Meet.

While Google does not have a monopoly on email, they are the biggest webmail provider and this shady behaviour deserves to be scrutinized more closely.

Thanks MrElectrifyer for the tip.

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