Google is working on a new Chromecast with Google TV codenamed Boreal

by Surur
January 23, 2022
chromecast with google tv

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9to5Google reports that Google may be working on an updated Chromecast for 2022.

The device, code-named Boreal, was discovered in leaked documentation and via an APK teardown of Google’s apps.

While Chromecasts do not appear to need much day-to-day improvement, Google has been adding features such as Google TV support and support for gaming which has been stressing older generations of the devices.

The current version in particular suffers from a lack of storage.

A new version is expected to correct this, and also bring support for more codecs such as AV1 which is needed for AndroidTV.

It is not known if the device will be a tiny dongle behind your TV, or a more powerful box below it. It may be announced with the Google Pixel 6a or much later in the year with the Google Pixel 7.

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