Google will soon let you use your Stadia controller to control Android TV

by Surur
October 18, 2021

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Google recently brought their Stadia gaming service to Android TV, but you could only use your Stadia controller inside games, meaning you needed to keep both your Stadia controller and Android TV remote by your side.

A teardown of the Stadia 3.38 APK by 9to5Google suggests Google may soon do away with your Android TV remote, allowing you to control your whole Android TV experience with only your Stadia controller.

They found a new flag called “enableGothamInputOnAtvPlatformUi” where Gotham is the codename for Wi-Fi-based input with Stadia and ATV is of course Android TV.

I imagine the feature would allow OEMs to bundle Android TVs with Stadia controllers, offering a boost to both services.

via XDA-Dev

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