Google will now let schools install ChromeOS on their old Windows machines


15, 2020

Google has just purchased Neverware, a company that has been selling a version of ChromeOS for companies, schools and students at home to install on their old PCs.

The OS, called CloudReady, can transform nearly any device (up to 13 years old) into a Chrome device in only 15 minutes. Users have access to the exact same manageability, security, and speed as a Chromebook at 1/3 of the cost.

Till now however these devices were not officially certified installations of ChromeOS, but with the purchase, by Google, this barrier should not be dissolved, and the installations should be fully certified.

This means cash-strapped schools will be able to convert old and slow Windows devices to speedy and easy to support ChromeOS computers.

With 68% of schools reportedly already using ChromeOS, this may allow schools which can not afford new hardware to join their colleagues, putting further pressure on Microsoft’s Education efforts.

Read more about CloudReady at Neverware here.

via Engadget.

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