Google will deliberately annoy YouTube users with ads to get them to pay for music

March 21, 2018

YouTube wants to convert users of its free music service to its paid service, and it plans to use frustration via ads to get it done.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Google’s Global Head of Music, Lyor Cohen revealed that the firm planned to increased the number of ads presented to people who treated YouTube as a music service.

This is to say, people who used the service to listen to music passively, playing playlists and covers one after the other, while doing other things.

Google has yet to launch YouTube’s Red music service worldwide and has been rumoured to be launching a new worldwide service, and has been courting music companies with YouTube.

YouTube’s new ad frustration method is aimed to convince music companies that the firm can get users to pay for music on its platform. While Google already has Google Play Music, and YouTube Red for ad-free¬†YouTube experiences, the firm aims to unite these two services into one newer, more attractive one.

Perhaps it’ll be the one which finally rivals Spotify, more likely not.

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