Google uses majority of security alert email to tell Edge users to install Chrome

by Surur
June 7, 2020

From time to time we complain about Microsoft pushing their new Edge browser in various nooks and crannies of their services and operating system, but it seems, despite Google’s overwhelming 70% browser market share, that company can not resist engaging in the same behaviour.

Techdows reports that if you sign in to Gmail on Edge, Google will send you a sign-in alert email, and will use most of that space to push their Chrome browser.

The note says:

“Hi, you’ve just signed in on a new computer. Make most of Windows 10 with Chrome browser. Chrome is a fast, simple, and secure browser built for the modern web. Download Chrome”

Google is of course free (for now) to add anything they want to their alert emails, but with owning more than 2/3 of the browser market, the company may consider being more careful about using one of their services to promote another.

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