Google updates their Collections search tracking feature with AI suggestions, great new Sharing feature



Author Surur // in Google, News

By default, Google keeps a history of everything you search. Google also has a Collections feature in their Google Search app and mobile site if you intentionally wish to actually save a search result or article for later.

Now Google is combining the two with a new feature for Google Collections. Using AI, Google will now automatically suggest new Collections based on the websites you visited from the search page or search app.


Users can choose to save or ignore the suggested Collections, or to stop the app from offering Suggested Collections completely.

If you do save a Collection however, Google will now also offer you the ability to find related sites using the Find More button.

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Users are also able to share collections with friends, allowing them to update the collection, and the collection can also be made private later.


The new Suggested Collections feature can be found in the updated Android Google Search app or on the mobile Google Search website and is currently only available in U.S. English. The Collections sharing feature is however available worldwide.

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