Google Translate’s instant camera gains support for 60 new languages today



Google is improving its Translate service today as it rolls out an update to its Instant Camera feature. The firm’s Instant camera feature lets users translate text around them simply by pointing their smartphone’s camera at it. Previously, users needed to have English as their native language in order to take advantage of this. Now, users, no longer have this limitation. The instant camera can now translate between all supported Google Translate languages on iOS or Android.

Engadget notes that users of the app will have just under 90 input languages, including Arabic, Hindi and Thai. From that selection, users will be able to output into over 100 languages. Google will also be adding neural machine translations into its instant camera. The bonus of this is reducing errors in translation and adding support for an auto-detect language feature. Not quite sure what you’re translating from? Google’s app will detect the language and translate it automatically.

Google’s Instant Camera updates will start rolling out from today.

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